“Your imagination is your only limitation”
Every Teak house is hand built and hand finished to exceptional standards by the best crafts people
who have been working with teak for over 15 years.
However, we do appreciate that some customers desire that little bit extra: special distinguishing
features to make their teak house completely unique. This is why we offer the bespoke programme, a
service designed to help our customers their particular vision for their teak house.
From the finest detailing to the boldest statement, our bespoke team can make it happen. Whether
you desire a thick rail, a change of spindle or a different grove on the teak deck. Would you want the
roof raising or lowering, done. A favourite colour can be matched for the interior. Is there something
you want but can’t find? We can, with are dedicated workshop and craftsman anything can be made. And
this is just the start.
Would sir or madam care for a drink, maybe a bar with built in fridge, a spa sunk into the deck, or
your initials inlayed into the teak post, Teak House can make it happen

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