Can I put the Teak House on any surface?

Not any, but because the gazebo is manufactured from maintenance free solid teak wood the options are far greater and more flexible that gazebo’s made from softwood.

The most important consideration is that the base is level and firm in all directions. This is not only to ensure a trouble free installation, but aesthetically it will look correct. There is a wide choice of options for base support depending on which format you choose.i.e floor mounted or raised.

We will be pleased to advise you on all options and styles, and supply you with fully dimensioned construction drawings as required.

Can you do the base construction for me?

We do offer a complete base construction service subject to workloads etc.

If this is not possible we will work closely with your chosen builder to ensure a successful installation.

How long does the Thatch Last?

It depends to a great extent on the weather but commonly between 7 to 10 years.  The good news is that it very quick and relatively inexpensive to change, and although we offer a removal and re-thatch service we find many customers undertake it themselves and are amazed how quick and easy it is to do. The thatch tiles are available to purchase from us or from a number of outlets.

Is the Thatch waterproof

The thatch is generally considered to be more than 95% waterproof, but as we always fit an inner canvas lining as standard you can rest assured that it will be completely watertight.


Do I need planning permission?

Generally no. The two main restrictions are that the buildings may not exceed 4mt in height, which even our biggest model does not, and that the structure is not classified as permanent. From this point of view, one of the main advantages of our Teak House over other competitors is the ease of dismantling and re-erection if desired, which answers completely any planning objections on that score.

If I move house can I take my Teak House with me?

Absolutely, any number of times without damage. Obviously with our gazebo’s being made exclusively in solid teak wood they are expected to last a lifetime. Because of that reason it was one of our first objectives to ensure an easy and quick breakdown and re-install. We also believe that the price some competitors charge for re-location are exorbitant and unfair, whereas our unique design allows you the customer to undertake the move following  instructions on a CD supplied with the Teak House. We will of course be delighted to move it for you at very competitive rates if you wish.

What maintenance is required?

None, zero, never. Unlike all our competitors’ gazebo’s made in softwood, Teak House use exclusively solid teak wood which is the ultimate hardwood that never needs protection. So confidant of this are we, that you will not find any exclusions in our guarantee covering so called maintenance schedules which must be adhered to for the guarantee to be valid. Buy it, sit back and enjoy. Life’s too short to be painting things with preservatives every year.

How long is your guarantee?

Our structural guarantee is a industry best 25 years, but more importantly, without the need for protection ever. It should also be noted that although this 25 year guarantee period is far in excess of others who demand a maintenance regime, we would expect the gazebo itself to last 50 years plus.

It is interesting to note that since Teak House joined this market some 4 years ago; all other suppliers of these products have increased their guarantee periods without making any changes to their products specification! In some cases 50 or 100% but in one case by tenfold!!

Don’t be afraid to interrogate suppliers ruthlessly on their guarantees and maintenance procedures. It’s your time and money at stake!

What is the difference between Teak House and other suppliers?

At Teak House our philosophy has always to use the best products and materials that money can buy. None of these gazebo’s,  from any supplier is a cheap purchase price, so why would you use anything but the highest grade materials, especially when it has to spend its life outdoors in all weathers. Some of the more obvious examples are:-

Teak wood against Softwood

Solid brass against brass plated

Stainless steel heavy duty bolts against galvanised wood screws

Stainless steel screws against galvanized nails

Teak wood instead of plywood

Premium Ministry of Defence specification canvas against industrial grade

Waterproof and breathable cushion material against non-waterproof materials

Unique design for easy dismantle and re-install

25 Year unconditional guarantee against maintenance required guarantees of much lesser duration

Do you supply for overseas use?

We have supplied, shipped and installed all over Europe. As the gazebo breaks down into easily handled sections freight charges tend to be modest.




Can I only buy them as a dining option with tables and benches included?

Almost every Teak House we sell is used as a dining option, as in this format with circular benches it gives the most practical use of space. However we can supply them in any format without tables, benches, side panels etc. One important point to bear in mind, is that all benches and tables can be removed literally in a few minutes for use as a children’s play area, or indeed, to use the table and benches outside the Teak House if needed. True flexibility at no extra cost.

Is the thatch roof the only option?

No, although 85% of what we sell is the thatch, it doesn’t suit everybody. We do supply an alternative shingle roof giving a more traditional appearance which is available at an extra cost over the thatch. The reason for this is that the thatch is a relatively economical roofing material where the shingles and underneath structure is completely in wood.

Although all suppliers of these gazebos charge significantly more for their shingle roofs, they still only use a softwood external and internal structure with, in most cases, plywood infill panels. Teak House use 100% solid teak wood on all parts, even the infill panels!

Can you produce special designs?

Within reason, yes. We do offer a bespoke service for customers who want something particular or unique. Give us a call and let’s talk it through.

Can any of the models be raised off the floor?

Although of no real practical benefit, raised buildings can give a different perspective to the building and it’s location. Available at an additional cost, any Teak House can be raised by either 20cm or 40cm or even more if desired.

How long will the install take?

On the majority of our Teak Houses installation can be completed within 5-6 hours.

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