Teak House Ltd is a family owned and run business, based on principles of supplying superior garden furniture and Gazebo’s, manufactured 100% from premium Grade A Plantation Teak wood.

After more than 10 years of manufacturing the highest quality Teak garden furniture, we have now entered the rapidly growing market for garden leisure houses, suitable for all year round use, even in the most inclement of weather.

These houses have become increasingly popular for today’s alfresco lifestyle, and are ideal for outdoor dining, hot tubs or general seating areas.

Our main strength lies in being the direct manufacturer of all our furniture and Gazebo’s, sourcing premium Teak logs direct from the Indonesian Forestry Department “Perum Perhutani” and transforming by traditional hand crafted methods into beautiful and individual furniture.

By specialising in only premium Teak wood, it allows us, without any compromise, to focus all our efforts and experience in this highly specialised field.

We maintain control at every stage of manufacture, from raw teak logs through cutting, drying, final finishing and eventual assembly, and at all stages by craftsmen endowed with traditional values of quality and service.

By using our own UK trained management team, we can guarantee that all our Teak products meet the most stringent of specifications for wood quality and manufacture, with checks made by our Quality Control staff at every stage.

We currently supply some of the most prestigious hotels and garden centres in the UK and have supplied our products Worldwide. 

Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from 2.0 metres up to 6.0 metres diameter.

Diameter, Teak Houses are available with curved bench seating, premium cushions and heavy duty weatherproof canvas side curtains for comfortable dining in all weathers.

A full range of elegantly designed tables, chairs and accessories is also available to match the different sizes and shapes of the Teak House, or to allow you to completely customise the seating arrangements to suit your individual requirements.

The Teak House will normally be supplied with a roof covered in African reed thatch tiles. This material is completely sustainable, and harvesting actually promotes further growth. Alternative wooden roofs are also available.

All the Teak furniture within the house can be readily removed for use outside the house, on those warm sunny days when an even more al fresco feel is required.

A major advantage of our Teak House is the special design which allows for not only easy construction, but far more importantly, easy dismantling and re-erection without damage. This is particularly important should you wish to move home and want to take the Teak House with you. A major advantage on something that will last until the next generation.  

Only the highest quality Teak wood materials are used by Teak House Ltd from the best and oldest plantations in Central Java, Indonesia. These sustainable plantations created by the Dutch almost two centuries ago are now owned and managed by the Indonesian Government.

The Indonesian Forestry Dept “Perum Perhutani” stringently controls the cutting and replanting programme, thus ensuring not only a constant supply of mature logs, but also providing considerable local employment.

Teak House Ltd guarantee to use only wood sourced officially through the Perum Perhutani plantations

Genuine Teak (Tectona Grandis) has a high natural oil content which is almost impervious to extreme weather conditions and naturally resilient to rotting over a period of many, many years.

For many centuries teakwood has been the mainstay of shipbuilding and marine constructions such as wharves and docks etc. These days it has become de-rigour on nearly all the multi-million pound yachts you see in the marina, fitted not only for its longevity under extreme conditions but also for its beautiful appearance.

Over the last 150 years teakwood has become the most sought after and prestigious of timber for outdoor garden furniture, and now due to our unique manufacturing and purchasing methods it is used exclusively on our stylish outdoor buildings.

Due to its high natural oil content, teakwood requires no protective maintenance, EVER!

It’s rich golden tones show off the woods natural beauty to its best effect, but can be lightened or darkened to suit your individual preference.

All other products of a similar design on the market are made from softwood which has to be chemically treated to achieve any reasonable life span outdoors. All other manufacturers offer quite limited and restrictive guarantees, which on products of this value do not appear to give good value for money, on what is not an insignificant purchase price.

Good quality Teak, properly made, is a purchase for a lifetime’s enjoyment, and even to be passed down to the next generation. Its timeless beauty and sophisticated elegance will be appreciated more and more as time goes by and will make you the envy of your friends for having something “truly special” 

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