Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from 2.0 metres up to 4.0 metres dia with other shapes/sizes made to order

Teak Houses are available with curved bench seating, premium cushions and heavy duty weatherproof canvas side curtains for comfortable dining in all weathers.

A full range of elegantly designed tables, chairs and accessories is also available to match the different sizes and shapes of the Teak House, or to allow you to completely customise the seating arrangements to suit your individual requirements.

The Teak House will normally be supplied with a roof covered in African reed thatch tiles. This material is completely sustainable, and harvesting actually promotes further growth. Alternative wooden shingle roofs are also available.

All the Teak furniture within the house can be readily removed for use outside the gazebo, on those warm sunny days when an even more al fresco feel is required.

A major advantage of our Teak House is the special design which allows for not only easy construction, but far more importantly, easy dismantling and re-erection without damage. This is particularly important should you wish to move home and want to take the Teak House with you. A major advantage on something that will last until the next generation.









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