At Teak House we believe that on outdoor buildings such as these gazebos, which are expected to resist the rigours of permanent outdoor life, it would be foolish to use anything but the finest materials for unparalleled protection and resistance in our quite often,  extreme weather conditions. We look not only for superior strength, lifetime longevity and zero maintenance, but also for the natural beauty of solid plantation teak wood, stainless steel bolts and screws, and the durability of solid brass.

All the materials we use are without doubt the most expensive available on the market, which are chosen irrespective of cost, as being the only materials truly “fit for purpose”


Chosen by boat builders for centuries as being the only wood capable of withstanding the rigours of constant damp and wetness without the need for protection, yet still giving lifetime durability with zero maintenance.

It is not only a hardwood, of which there are many varieties most of which still need protection, but is the ultimate and undisputed “King of Hardwoods” totally unique in its durability and beauty.

In total contrast to teak, all other suppliers of these type of products use only softwoods such as Western Red Cedar, Scandinavian Redwoods etc. Most of these woods have had to be treated with aggressive chemicals to try and prolong the life of a material not at all suited to lengthy lifetimes. It should also be noted that most other suppliers insist on annual maintenance regimes to try and extend the lifespan of these inferior woods. It should also be noted that in nearly all cases their guarantees are only enforceable when annual protection is undertaken. This procedure if done properly can take days rather than hours, and still cannot reach the underside of the base which is the most at risk of rotting.


Stainless Steel

Again a material unsurpassed for beauty, strength and more importantly for absolute corrosion resistance in the harshest of environments, this material is yet again sought after by people seeking the ultimate metal when strength and durability are needed.

In contrast, other suppliers will use galvanised screws and bolts, and in the case of one of the other principal manufacturers, extensive use of galvanised nails!

Obviously in the case of these type of buildings being made of softwood, longevity of the assembly fitments may not be as essential as to outlast the softwood, but it should be borne in mind that if the gazebo ever needs to be moved, any form of corrosion will cause difficulty in removing these metal items. In the case of nails, this is almost impossible without breakage of the wood, or a loss of integrity in the original fastening position.

The use of stainless steel in our gazebos ensures that even decades from now the dismantle and re-erection of our gazebos can be undertaken with ease.


Solid Brass

For the hanging of the canvas sides around the building, it is common to use brass plated curtain hooks, which are susceptible to rust and are really not strong enough to withstand the constant movement and stress in bad weather.

Teak House use only substantial solid brass fittings in this area, which are custom made to our exacting specifications.

Again, solid brass is infinitely more expensive than brass plated, but is without doubt the right thing to do for longevity and appearance.

We also use only solid brass eyelets on our canvas where at the moment there appears a movement towards plastic eyelets and far fewer of them. Many companies now only use 3 or 4 of these eyelets in the vertical run of the canvas where we at Teak House put 7 or 8 of these eyelets to ensure the proper closure of the canvas where they join together.

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